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WhatsApp Plus APK File Information

Developer: OGMods
Application Name Whatsapp Plus APK
File size: 31.23MB
Version v8.75
Minimum Android version All Android Versions
Platform Android, iOS and PC

What is the Blue WhatsApp Plus application?
It's a similar version of WhatsApp which has a lot of amazing features, many copies of altered WhatsApp Plus appeared and several stopped, yet on our site you'll see upgrades continuously and also give different WhatsApp copies that fulfill the user's demand, we've supplied you with the very best edition of WhatsApp Plus good and safe.

Features of this blue WhatsApp Plus program

Blue WhatsApp Plus with numerous privacy features, which offer convenience for the consumer, as you can control every thing from WhatsApp Plus such as:

Possibility to conceal the look : In the older edition, many users were suffering in their backs on the internet, but with this model you can conceal the appearance permanently during use.alert-success

The Chance of concealing the last seen: (Freezing the final look on WhatsApp ).alert-success

Hide Status: You also are able to hide the internet status and use WhatsApp Plus freely, and reveal it to everyone offline (offline).alert-success

Hide Access: It is possible to hide the obtain receipt to your contacts and category.alert-success

Hide accurate read: You can conceal True blue for groups.alert-success

Hide writing standing: When composing a message, you can conceal the composing status of your contacts along with group.alert-success

Hide recording standing: You can hide the recording position of your connections and set when recording sound.alert-success

Hide which you heard the audio: You can hide the blue signal when you hear audio clips and recordings.alert-success

Hide status view: You can hide that you're seeing the standing of your contacts (your name will not appear if you have observed the standing ).alert-success

Writing a longer case: Currently writing your case on the" WhatsApp Plus" program is over 255 characters rather than 130 characters in the normal version of the program and so you may write anything you want in your circumstance and without controlling you the app restrictions as you can naturally add emojis with almost any number you want based on your desire.alert-success

Added features: The application also includes an additional set of attributes, one of which is the ability to find the condition of the person you're chatting with without needing to enter his private webpage as it appears right under the name with the appearance info that shows if the user is attached or not.alert-success

Adjust colours: feature great from the application whatsapp new Arab lets you to modify the entire application colors to a lot of colors wholesale based on a own choice and you're able to modify font colours, wallpapers and windows as well as the icon of the program Veugd icon blue, blue, green and red WhatsApp or you'll be able to leave all of this and pick your favorite color.alert-success

Attachments: The attachments which are sent in the conversations is a very important factor for most WhatsApp users, therefore the programmers of this program added more attributes that enable, for example, to send over 90 photos at once rather than just 30 images, and you may also send a movie clip size of 30 MB Bytes instead of just 15 MB.alert-success

Payable: Whatsapp plus blue, Whatsapp plus two, blue WhatsApp plus or as some call it blue WhatsApp Plus works with all tablets and is available as Whatsapp 2 APK for Android.alert-success

Features of the latest update for the version of the blue WhatsApp Plus program Download WhatsApp Plus APK

✅It is allowed to discuss the site with just one click
✅Selecting and sending messages to multiple contacts is simpler
✅Use Quick Reply to attend messages when you are not available to chat, or answer some question about templates.
✅he Capacity to cancel multiple messages simultaneously
✅The capability to easily copy the text position of your contacts
✅Remove"read more" label from long messages and much more.
✅The variant is currently equally as on 2.20.158 from the shop version.
✅Update against the ban.
✅Add new fonts that you could use.
✅Add new colorful icons
✅You may pin 30 discussions on the home display.
✅You'll be able to disable the launching of hidden conversations after pressing Whatsapp through option number 6.21
✅It is possible to sort messages oldest and newest after viewing a person's messages in the category.
✅Insert confirmation when you call somebody within the category.
✅Repair a driven stop error in the automatic response.
✅Hide the last look: it's one of the best features in WhatsApp Plus, therefore if we enable this alternative, nobody will be able to view you permanently online, and the last look will look for him on an older date, no one is going to learn that you're connected even as you are on WhatsApp.
✅Hide the second check: The sender of the messages won't have the ability to tell you received the message.
✅Hiding the blue hippocampus: The sender of the messages cannot know that you have read the message, but in return you understand he has read the messages and just the blue hippocampus appears to you.
✅A Invisibility Gary composing: as well as possible in the newest version and the newest edition of whatsapp Plus conceal Gary typing or writing on the opposite end of this dialog.
✅A Invisibility Present Date: whenever you record a sound clip.
✅Hide playback sign: This isthe transmitter can't know that you have heard the sound.
✅Increase the event letters to 250 characters: You can now write long sentences in your circumstance.
✅Operating two WhatsApp amounts: It is possible to conduct two WhatsApp variations on a single apparatus without the root by downloading WhatsApp 1 and also WhatsApp 2.
✅See the status of individuals without entering the conversation: You can observe the status of people connected or continue seen in the program's key screen.
✅Change the program language: Now you can change the language of the WhatsApp Plus app, unlike the vocabulary of your Android device.

How to install WhatsApp Plus APK
How to set up blue WhatsApp: once you've finished downloading WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone, we will now speak about installing Blue WhatsApp on your telephone without losing chats readily.alert-success

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Plus apk for smartphone, any tablet or smartphone computer from android.alert-success

Step 2: First you should make a backup copy of your discussions in order to not reduce them when installing WhatsApp Plus apk, open WhatsApp out of your telephone, go to settings - chats - backup Click on backup chats and wait a bit,and abandon the backup complete.alert-success

Step 3: Currently uninstall WhatsApp from your own Android apparatus, go to Settings - Programs - Whatsapp - Uninstall.alert-success

Step 4: First, go to"Settings" -"Security" -"Enable installation from unknown sources".alert-success

Step 5: install WhatsApp Plus on your own Android apparatus, that is downloaded from previously, it is possible to find it from the download folder.alert-success

Step 6: Open WhatsApp Plus Click on OK and move. If you see a message do not worry, click on Allow.alert-success

Step 7: Enter your mobile phone number and verify your phone number in WhatsApp Plus This measure may take a few minutes, wait for a little bit to deliver the verification code for your phone.alert-success

Step 8: Click Publish Backup, wait just a little bit to finish the backup.alert-success

Step 9: Input your name and choose profile photo.alert-success