ᐅ GBWhatsApp APK Download [Latest Updated Version] V10.43 (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsApp APK Download (GBWA) 2020|Latest Version v10.43
A brief summary of information about GB WhatsApp

Name of ApplicationGBWhatsApp
Size44.4 MB
Latest VersionV10.43.0
Required AndroidAll Android Versions
PlatformAndroid, iOS and PC

GBWhatsApp APK:There are a lot of modified WhatsApp applications like the GBWhatsapp application, which can be used in place of the official WhatsApp application, to be able to take advantage of lots of the great features and capabilities offered by these applications, which are often not available from the official version of this WhatsApp application.

GBWhatsapp application is a modified WhatsApp application that supplies you with a lot of great benefits and capabilities, it allows you to run WhatsApp with more than one account on your own mobile, and also provides you lots of other excellent benefits.

For instance you can upload videos and files as much as 50MB in size, including the state application that sets you constraints if uploading files , and other features.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

GBWhatsapp Application Features

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GBWhatsapp application is characterized by many wonderful features, which aren't present in many other modified WhatsApp applications, additionally to not being present within the official application, and here are these features.

With the GBWhatsapp app you'll hide a lively status now once you want it.alert-success

The application also can hide the blue mark and therefore the writing mark.alert-success

A great feature of GBWhatsapp is that you simply can send files up to 50MB.alert-success

You can also share video images of up to 50MB, which isn't available within the official version of the app.alert-success

New features in the latest version of GB WhatsApp 2020 for Android

Utilize two numbers: at which as clarified, it is possible to activate two numbers on precisely exactly the same device and operate them at the identical time without the need to root for your cellular apparatus as the newest"GB Whatsapp" app has many duplicates for example WhatsApp One, WhatsApp two, WhatsApp 3 which enables one to register in WhatsApp significantly more often than once without needing to download extra copies of this WhatsApp program.alert-success

Hide appearance: During the regular WhatsApp Messenger app, you can hide your final look, but out of your usage of this feature you will not be able to observe the previous appearance of friends also, but via the newest GB WhatsApp app it is possible to conceal your last overall look and see that the last appearance of friends also in a simple and fast way.alert-success

Hide the connected phrase today: As it's in the regular WhatsApp Messenger app whenever you are online and you are conversing with a buddy, it does not appear for your buddies that you're connected now, but on the newest GB WhatsApp version, you can hide it by placing you to the preferences, making you like privacy and complete solitude.alert-success

Hide the term Writing in advance: Also, if you write to somebody, it seems that you are composing in the regular WhatsApp Messenger program, but in the new GB WhatsApp application it is hidden, which means you can write and the receiver does not see that you're doing so.alert-success

Hiding the voice recording is currently in progress: Whereas when you capture an audio message about the routine WhatsApp Messenger application, it appears when you're chatting that you are recording, however this can be concealed in the WhatsApp program via preferences.alert-success

Hide the message receiving tag: in which within theregular WhatsApp Messenger program thereare two blue test marks which say the receipt of the message, it is possible to hide it to the use of GB WhatsApp so that the sender of this message doesn't know that you have read it.alert-success

All that and much more in the app GB WhatsApp and now there are many different benefits that differentiate it from different programs of instant chat which you are able to find yourself downloading GB WhatsApp the latest variant for Android.alert-success

Free: GBWhatsApp is a totally free program at which you may download it from the shop for your type of mobile phone. If the phone type is Android, you and you may download it and it, respectively. From BlackBerry World store, in addition to the possibility of downloading it to notebook and a computer.alert-success

Ease of use: at which you're able to use the application of GB Messenger, the latest edition of the new version, easily and with no difficulty in dealing since it has a beautiful and terrific design, especially the plan of the latest version, it is very fun and transparent, and you're able to notice that it has the exact identical layout as the routine WhatsApp program with no difference, which makes you utilize The program"GB WhatsApp" without any issue when you've previously dealt with any version of the app WhatsApp.alert-success

Notices: GB Messenger 2020 application will alert you when you get messages from friends by notifications that it is possible to view and respond to them from overseas without the need to open the app, which makes the app more fluid and easy as well as the program explains to you in the event the person to whom you sent a message has reached it And tell him not by means of this checkmark located beneath the message and whose shape varies with the change of its ailment.alert-success

Voice and video requires: You can download the newest GB WhatsApp app for Android from making audio or video calls by anybody who has the exact identical app, no matter how far between you and it's given that the Wi-Fi internet network is available and thus you're able to set international calls completely free of charge and the application supplies you with these calls With high efficiency and total quality without disturbance in communication or hindrance with the lowest possible levels.alert-success

DND:If you're doing something important in your smartphone and you don't wish to have notifications from WhatsApp messages, then you are able to use the DND attribute of GB WhatsApp apk. This may disable the online connectivity of this specific program just. Seems cool!alert-success

Auto Reply: This feature allows you to auto-reply to any of your friends at any time.alert-success

Text Messages broadcast: The mod lets you send text messages into a high number of customers in one click. While the original WhatsApp does not permit broadcast messages for now.alert-success

Extraordinary effects: It's possible to bring some extremely amazing effects for your videos and photos while discussing them with friends family and nearest and dearest.alert-success

Sharing multiple images:In this apk, you are allowed to talk about as many as 90 images at a time. Also, It's likely to discuss 50 MB of video clips and 100 MB music clips.alert-success

Status download:You do not need a status down loader in case you've got this awesome apk. It enables users to get status images and video easily.alert-success

Umpteen number of themes:You can choose from an array of themes offered and utilize them to make your chats look all the more attractive.alert-success

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Apk

  • GBWA is a third party application. It is not available on Google play store
  • Search for GBWhatsApp apk on a browser.
  • Then download the apk by clicking upon “download now”.
  • Now you need to go to the settings and make some changes in the security system of your phone.
  • Simply enable the “unknown sources” option.
  • Now scroll up to the folder where you have stored the apk.
  • Click on the apk to initiate the installation process.
  • Now you can launch the apk easily.